What's our story?

We felt there had to be a simpler way to get a home loan. We didn’t like jumping through their hoops. We just felt like another number. We’d been with them for years and didn’t feel like we were being appreciated for that loyalty.

We felt like others were getting a better deal; kinda like we were being overcharged. It was always the same. To buy a home meant getting our best clothes on and going to the bank during our precious lunch break, to try and get a loan. And all that paperwork to fill out. It felt like we had to get on our knees and beg.

Why did it take so long to get an answer? Couldn’t they do it faster? Was it really the best loan for me? Or was it the best one for them? If they said no, where else could I turn? Aren’t they all just the same? We felt there had to be a simpler way to get a home loan.

Why HoLo?

We’re a team who have been in the finance and real estate industries collectively for nearly 30 years. We asked the simple questions - how can we help all Australians, no matter where they live? How do they get a better deal? How do they feel valued as a customer, and recognised for their investments? How can they get a faster approval? How can they explore better alternatives? How can we help them choose what’s right for them?

We decided it was time the power shifted from those banks back to you. With so many options in the market, it’s no longer a privilege to pay off a property, it’s a choice. Your choice. A choice that gives the control back to you - the customer. The way it should be. And if you need some help, our expert team of HoLo Humans are right here for you. And while we’re at it, does it have to be so straight and formal? Probably not, so let’s relax a bit while we’re doing it. In fact, why don’t we enjoy it, because buying a property is an awesome thing. So if you’ve been with the same bank for years, ask yourself why?

This is why we do it

We're in the business of helping Australians buy a home of investment property by simply standing up for the customer and giving them a choice.

Stand up for me