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We want to help you get the right loan for your home. And because our expert team of HoLo humans have been doing this for a while, we asked them for a few pointers for you. So here are a few things we thought might help you...


Our Lenders  We have plenty of great lenders for you to choose from. Most you'll know, some you won't, all with awesome offers, covering pretty much any situation. So we’ve removed their ‘corporate spin’ for you - this is our take on the banks and lenders!


Glossary What are they talking about? Is there a new language that you didn't know about? Well yes there is, so let HoLo decipher it for you


FAQ There are plenty questions that come to mind when trying to buy a home or investment. Here are a few that we get asked often.

Want to get a better deal on your home loan?

Want to get a better deal on your home loan? Not happy with your current lender and do you feel like the service could be better? Do you have a friend getting a better deal than you?

Thinking of renovating?

Thinking of renovating? Things change and you need the flexibility to do something about it.

Purchasing an investment?

Purchasing an investment? Build your portfolio with an investment property.

Looking to buy your first home?

Thinking of buying your first home? It’s time to buy your first home! Here’s what to consider.

Looking to buy your next home

Looking to buy your next home? If you have a growing family or just want a bigger place, it’s probably time to buy that new home.

Loan Checklist

Loan Checklist If you’re not sure what you need for your next loan or purchase, then let HoLo help you out.