Loan Checklist

If you’re not sure what you need for your next loan or purchase, then let HoLo help you out.

Here is a guide of what documents you may need to provide, to support your application to a lender for your loan to proceed, when purchasing or changing banks. Hopefully it’s not too long for you; we’re not asking for anything more than we need; but it is what the bank’s want!


You have a job

  • 3 x Pay slips (most recent)
  • PAYG summary or Group Certificate or Notice of Assessment (most recent)

You own your own business

  • Personal tax returns & notice of assessments (last 2 years)
  • Business tax returns & financial statements (last 2 years)

Other Income

  • Rental income confirmation (lease, bank statements, rental statement, appraisal)
  • Government support (pensions, Centrelink, disability)
  • Other income (shares, investments, child support)

Bank Statements

  • Official bank statements and internet print-offs / screen shots up to today’s date, showing your full name
  • Home loan statements
  • Savings statements
  • Transactional accounts
  • Credit card statements (3 most recent)
  • Car Lease / personal loan / HECS statement (last 3 months of transactions)


  • Driver’s License (front and back)
  • Medicare Card
  • Passport
  • Rates notice (for all existing properties)
  • Rental statement (current statement if continuing)

Purchasing a property

  • Contract of sale (signed by both parties)
  • Deposit receipt

When building or making significant renovations

  • Signed Fixed Price Builders Contract and Specifications
  • Council Approval Plans and/or Builders Permit (depending on state)
  • Plumbing & electrical permits (WA only)
  • Builders Indemnity Insurance Policy, Home Owners Warranty

This list is a guide and covers most things needed, but not all things. Your
circumstances may mean that the lender wants documents specific to your
situation; our team will let you know if your lender wants something special at the
time of your application.