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An interest rate cut - remember them?

With the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cutting the offical cash rate for the first time in nearly 3 years, we thought it might be time to give you an update of what this all mean …
12 Jun 2019

The HoLo Story

We felt there had to be a simpler way to get a home loan. We didn’t like jumping through “their” hoops. We felt like just another number. We’d been with them for years and didn’t feel like we were being appreciated for that loyalty. We felt like others were getting a better deal; kinda like we were being overcharged.
20 Sep 2018

If not the Big 4, then who?

The Big 4 banks - NAB, Westpac, ANZ and Commonwealth. With what we have found out about them in 2018, that name probably doesn’t fit them much any more!
19 Sep 2018

Why the lowest rate might not be right for you.

We all love a deal, in fact, we all love a great deal, don’t we? Whether it is for a flight, hotel room, clothes, holiday, restaurants, appliances, gadgets, whatever; we just love …
28 Aug 2018

Top 6 bank abbreviations that will make it just a little bit easier for you

As Aussies, we love to shorten things. It’s part of our laid-back nature: why say the whole thing when you can just say half of it. Why say afternoon, when we can just say ‘arvo’? …
28 Aug 2018

Equity. What is it and how to calculate it?

Equity is a cool. The more equity to have the richer you are! It’s not some mythical thing, but it can grow magically without you knowing. It can also magically reduce without you …
28 Aug 2018